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Quotes Having been a fan of Faruku's work for ages ( Since I saw Red then Jack at MCM expo ), I was so lucky to at last own a piece of her 'art' yes, I'll use the word art for each and every commission I've seen is just that. From the beauty of the face, to the eyes everything about the partial I have has not failed to impressed me. The detail us stunning with no short cuts taken the quality is of a high standard and will not dissapoint. I've got various suits from America and one apart from Faru's in the Uk. For anyone just discovering this amazing woman's work, let me tell you..any future suits I'll found my maker..and proud that she is here in the UK. HIGHLY recommended, can not praise enough. Quotes

Quotes I recieved my fullsuit from Faruku the other day! The quality of her work is simply amazing, her attention to detail is mind blowing. My paws fit so well that I never worry about them falling off, my bodysuit's zipper is hidden and secure, padding is sewn into the leggings so that I never have to worry about placement, tail is extremely strong, I've already had children pull on it and it stayed firmly in place, moving jaw is very easy to operate, vision is the best I've ever had in a fursuit, being that I can see through the eyes, nose and mouth! Fur is super soft, and airbushing to blend some of the markings is beautiful. Phantom's patterns are pretty damn hard but Faruku has done amazing job, they look spot on, none of them look out of place :D The tail with wefted tip swishes about <3 And my feetpaws are super comfortable to walk about it, like giant slippers! She gave loads of WIP photos and updates via my email and kept me well informed of everything happening ^^ <3 Quotes

Quotes Faru is an amazing fursuit maker, she managed to make my wings with great detail and with care, and I adore how they've come out - they look amazing and go very well with my partial <3 She's prompt with updates, gives photos of each stage, and if there's a problem, she'll let you know with a varity of solutions to solve it to keep you happy! Very sasified, I look forward to getting more stuff from her :) Quotes
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Quotes Well, what can I say? To put it bluntly Faruku is the BEST person I know of to commision for a fursuit in th UK ( trust me I know pretty much all of them). She's the highest quality realistic maker there is in the UK, to compliment her quality she is fast paced, always in contact with photographic updates and extremely flexible. She works exceedingly well to deadlines ( finishing mine well over a month before it was due) and to add to the experiance she's a great woman, friendly and a good laugh. Plus she likes beer so that's a bonus point IMO. But seriously, Faruku is the best maker in the UK there is absolutely no doubt in my mind. I look forward to future commisions from her! Good luck Faru and thank you just doesn't cover my gratitude to you for building my husky sadly its all that springs to mind right now so, THANKYOU ever so much <3 Quotes
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Quotes Have been regularly shown how the work is coming along on the partials being made for me and my partner. Fantastic quality of work, very fast and worth every penny! Not to mention Faruku being a kind amazing person too. Great to talk to and will listen to any problems you might have. Quotes
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Quotes Just recieved my tail to go with the paws I got a while ago, and I can honestly say it's amongst the most gorgeous furry things I've seen. Really skillfully made, and to a very high quality. Quotes
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Quotes Two fursuits from Faruku, and both are just amazing. Being tnere and watching her work on fursuits just proved to me how much time and attention goes into it all. I recommend her high quality works to everyone who wants suit! Quotes
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